Album cover for As Seen On TV by Jef Knight

“As Seen on TV” is Jef Knight’s
22nd album release.
The band kicks out rock and funk
grooves behind heavily poetic
social commentary lyrics. Tracks
from As Seen on TV have been
featured on protest and activist

Jef Knight - A Blessing & A Curse

“A Blessing & A Curse” is the
second album of the Music Monkey Trilogy.
This incredible brit-rock style album is
packed with rock and country-rock hits
and progressive-style album cuts that
tell Part2 of the story of the Guitar Guy.
A fan favorite!

album cover, A Pleasant Fiction, Jef Knight

“A Pleasant Fiction” is the first
album in the Music Monkey Trilogy
and Jef Knight’s first Gold-Selling Album.
Set in the 1980s Toronto, this concept
album is pure art-rock.
Recorded as a 9 piece progressive rock band,
this album has it all.
“This is the best f**cking music I’ve ever heard in my life!” – Dar McWheeler
Contains the hits, “Groovin’ On You” and “Luciferrari”.
A must hear album!

album cover for Digital Fingers (ReImagined) by Jef Knight

“Digital Fingers” ReImagined is an album
of modern classical-music style rock
compositions based on Jef Knight’s 1994
album of the same name.
This re-imagining has taken the original
songs and ushered them into the world of
modern music mixes by replacing all of
the old, cheezy, instruments with fresh new sounds.
These tracks will take your mind to
a new place and your heart will follow. Refreshing!

album cover, Ghosts and Other Myths by Jef Knight

“Ghosts and Other Myths” is Jef Knight’s first
major avant-garde composition release.
Take a mystical journey into the trans-melodic,
polyrhythmic world of the unknown and the
life beyond.
Eleanor Jewer of the Consortium called this,
“The most important work of avant-garde
music of the 90’s.” Expand your mind!

album cover, Verbs by Jef Knight

“Verbs”is Jef Knight’s 6th album.
First released in 1989, this new re-master
is astonishingly good sounding.
A variety of electronic pieces with strong
harmonic and melodic lines. There’s no guitar
on this album, except on track 1.
Brilliantly inspiring and chill.