Who Is This Jef Knight I Keep Hearing About?
by Dar McWheeler

Jef Knight is one of Canada’s best guitar players. He has been exciting audiences around the country with his unique and firey style since he was 15.

Rock, blues, R&B, country, jazz, 20th Century classical, avante guard, experimental, all genre’s are fair game at Knight’s composition lab. But at the end of the day, Jef Knight is an incredible rock, blues and funk guitar master.

Based in Little Britain, ON, Canada, Jef Knight has opperated his studio, The Temple of Digital Gratification, and his record label, Art For Your Ears, since 1985. Not only has he produced countless tracks of his own music, but has product many fine Canadian artists over his 35 year history.

Jef Knight’s live shows have always been packed, with both people and cutting edge technology. You see, even though he’s been in many great bands, his passion has always been “Man vs Machine”. He has achieved this using high resolution backing tracks, light shows, effects and video making a live Jef Knight show a special event for everyone.

Besides his many hundreds of live shows, he has release 22 albums of music so far, with many more tracks coming off the drawing board every month. Jef Knight has more than 40 albums of music “in the archive” ready to roll out.

Whether you see him live or listen to his records, Jef Knight is one of the finest recording artists Canada has to offer.